UNDP Yemen Strategic Direction 2023-2025

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UNDP Yemen Strategic Direction 2023-2025

February 4, 2024

Given the changing political context of Yemen and the wider region, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), from May to July, launched a visioning process to guide UNDP's strategic direction for 2023 – 2025. The process consisted of an analysis of the latest global, regional, and country-level socio-economic and political developments, a review of UNDP's extensive experience in Yemen, and in-depth discussions with UN Agencies, Funds, and Programmes, Yemen's development partners, foundations, and Yemeni researchers and institutions.

The in-depth discussions focused on defining the modalities and direction of UNDP's programme, considering (a) the most likely direction of the peace process in the coming years, (b) the widely varying context in Yemen's governorates and districts, and (c) the critical role of local authorities. 

Complementing and feeding into the visioning process, UNDP Yemen elaborated a work programme on 'development solutions to internal displacement' and a climate ‘change, energy, and environment’ strategy. The organisation also recalibrated the support for mine-action and maritime security. 

Lastly, to match UNDP Yemen's ambitions with its internal implementation capacity, an internal review of the business processes and functional structure is ongoing to ensure a "fit-for-purpose" Country Office operationally equipped to implement an ambitious programming framework within Yemen's complex environment. 

This report outlines strategic recovery and development solutions pathways for UNDP programming in 2023-2025.  For UNDP Yemen, the Strategic Direction is a living document, flexible and agile, to respond to the operating environment's changes and challenges and allow the UNDP Country Office to continue its adaptive management processes.