EU reconfirms commitment to peace in Yemen by contributing to laying the foundation to the UN Peace Support Facility Phase II

August 24, 2023

The local community convenes to assess and identify priorities.

UNDP Yemen / 2023

Amman, Jordan: 24 August 2023 – The European Union (EU) has recently announced its support of EUR 3 million to Phase II of the UN Peace Support Facility (PSF) for Yemen – a jointly managed programme by the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen (OSESGY), the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The support reconfirms the EU’s commitment to peace in Yemen and to the continued support to the PSF.

PSF’s Phase II will continue to both support the UN-facilitated confidence-building measures between the parties to the conflict and lay the foundations for an inclusive political process under UN-auspices aimed at achieving durable peace across Yemen.

“I highly welcome the European Union’s valuable role in supporting peace in Yemen including through its contribution to the UN Peace Support Facility for Yemen. The international community has a pivotal part to play in advancing an inclusive political process under UN auspices in Yemen, mitigating the devastating impact of the conflict on the lives of civilians, and supporting post-conflict recovery and reconstruction,” says Hans Grundberg, UN Special Envoy for Yemen.

The EU funding to Phase II also aims to support local peacebuilding efforts through the PSF’s newly established small grant mechanism. The mechanism will provide opportunities for local civil society organizations to carry out peacebuilding programmes across Yemen, particularly women-led organisations and initiatives.

“The Peace Support Facility is playing a critical role to help Yemenis prepare for peace,” says David Gressly, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen. “We cannot wait for peace to begin peacebuilding. Restoring social cohesion and fostering the inclusion of local communities in decision-making processes will open opportunities for Yemenis to forge a better future when peace finally arrives,” he adds.

Furthermore, the EU support will specifically contribute to creating an enabling environment for gender inclusive dialogue and reconciliation, and for women and youth’s participation in Yemen’s peace processes. This continues to demonstrate the EU’s ongoing efforts to promote peace, stability, and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in the region, and its belief in the importance of inclusive and sustainable peacebuilding approaches.

“UNDP is proudly hosting the Peace Support Facility,” notes Zena Ali Ahmad, UNDP Yemen’s Resident Representative. She adds, “We will continue to draw on UNDP’s wealth of experience from across the world to support the Yemeni-lead peace process at the national, sub-national, and local level.”  

The EU had supported the first phase of the PSF mechanism with EUR 1 million. The work of the PSF in its first phase contributed substantially to the implementation of significant rehabilitation efforts in the Hudaydah port to facilitate the flow of fuel and commercial goods into Yemen. It also provided support to community safety initiatives across Yemen, which increased the trust between civilian communities and security forces, and other initiatives to ease tensions and model inclusive decision making at the community level in regards to improving access to basic services such as water. The first phase further advanced the inclusion of women and youth in mediation and peacebuilding efforts through partnerships and direct support to networks of women and youth peace advocates. This work will continue under Phase II of the PSF.

“The European Union supports an inclusive, UN-led peace process in Yemen. Today, we renew our commitment to the Peace Support Facility with a EUR 3 million contribution. This contribution will finance confidence building measures and other peace related activities that support the mediation efforts of the UN Special Envoy and deliver sustainable peace for Yemenis,” says EU Ambassador to Yemen Gabriel Munuera Vinals.

Funded by Germany and the European Union, the Peace Support Facility Phase II (PSF) is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The project’s Steering Committee is co-chaired by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen and the UN Resident Coordinator. The PSF supports the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen (OSESGY) and the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office (RCO) with implementation of confidence building initiatives and subnational peacebuilding interventions. Phase I of the PSF focused on rehabilitation of the Port of Hudaydah and implemented several community safety initiatives.