Yemeni women Leading into the Future



UNDP provides support to bring Belqees Secondary School in Aden back to duty

The UNDP Yemen SIERY project and the local Office of Education in Sheikh Othman worked together to rehabilitate, furnish, and provide a solar energy system, and back-to-school campaign trainings for the school management and community to facilitate the girls’ return to the school. As a result, more than 1,400 girls re-enrolled.



Empowering women leaders: Namaah's contribution to community resilience and sustainable solutions

Welcome to this inspiring video that showcases the story of Naamah, a community leader who has made significant contributions to developing community resilience plans in her community in the Lahj governorate, Tuban district.



Haifa’s leading for women’s livelihoods

Haifa is one of many other Yemeni women supported and empowered by #ESPECRP to lead and run milk producer groups and collection points to improve the income and livelihoods of rural women and lift them from poverty. Her inspiring story gives hope to those women who strive for their families and communities to lead and enjoy better lives.