The United Nations's Youth Engagement and Employment (YEE) Convergence Group in Uganda


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The United Nations's Youth Engagement and Employment (YEE) Convergence Group in Uganda

August 21, 2015

Youth Engagement and Employment (YEE) is one three Delivering as One convergence areas for the United Nations in Uganda, focusing on involving young people in decision making and empowering them to be the solution to the development needs of the country. The other two convergences are: Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) and Gender Equality led by UNFPA, and the Women Empowerment and Gender-based Violence led by UN Women.

Together with YEE, the three convergences have been adopted as the critical game changers – interventions where the UN system agencies would work innovatively and collectively to make a significant difference – in successfully implementing the interventions and programmes outlined in the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2016-2020. Led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the YEE ensures coherence in different interventions on youth engagement and youth employment to avoid duplication and promote synergies.

The group has embarked on implementing the United Nations System-wide Action Plan on Youth (Youth-SWAP), which provides an opportunity to harness the strengths of the UN system in the area of youth development.As with all UN programmes in Uganda, the Greater Northern Uganda, including Karamoja Region, are a special focus for YEE interventions.

Uganda Youth Statistics at a glance

  • More than 70 percent of Uganda's population is below 30 years.
  • About 400,000 youth are released annually in to the job market to compete for 9,000 jobs.
  • Uganda's Vision 2040 prioritises skills training and youth employment as one of the key drivers of sustainable development.