Human Rights Baraza: A Handbook on conducting Community Public Meetings


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Human Rights Baraza: A Handbook on conducting Community Public Meetings

April 24, 2014

Baraza is a Kiswahili word meaning a public meeting(s) that is used as a platform for creating awareness, responding to issues affecting a given community, sharing vital information, providing citizens with the opportunity to identify and propose solutions to concerns.It is also an avenue for information dissemination to the community as well as a quick means of getting feedback on the critical issues affecting that community.

A human rights baraza therefore is a community public meeting conducted to discuss issues of human rights as well as other governance issues including democracy, service delivery, peace and conflict management, and rule of law which have an impact on human rights.

This handbook on human rights baraza is therefore a documentation of best practices on how to organise, educate and create awareness and feedback opportunities for communities on human rights. The handbook is intended to help any other entities that would like to use the baraza concept to educate and create human rights awareness in their communities.

Report Highlights

  • Step by step guidelines on how to organise and conduct a human rights baraza
  • Different strategies of ensuring the communities attend the barazas
  • Experiences and lesson learnt from Uganda Human Rights Commission
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