UNDP Initiatives for Youth in Uganda

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UNDP Initiatives for Youth in Uganda

July 29, 2021

UNDP is currently undertaking several initiatives designed to empower the youth of Uganda, with skilling, innovation and entrepreneurship serving as catalysts to enable UNDP’s broader development agenda in Uganda including the eradication of poverty, promotion of sustainable development, creation of opportunities for empowerment, and achievement of the 2030 Agenda and its central mission to leave no one behind. 

Uganda has one of the youngest and most rapidly growing populations in the world with a 3.7% population growth rate and 78% of Uganda’s population being under the age of 30. With more than one million young people entering the job market each year, the youth unemployment challenge is one that UNDP is committed to addressing through equipping youth with vocational skills, increasing the competitiveness of youth within the labour market, building capacities of national institutions to mainstream youth employment, and supporting youth-led enterprises to pilot innovative ideas.