UNDP, Habitat Association and Vodafone Take Action for Those Who Lost Their Job In The Pandemic

April 29, 2021

"We Are Together in This Business" platform created by Vodafone, which UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and Habitat Association also contribute to, will support those who lost their jobs in the pandemic. Through the platform offering personal training and talent programs, it is aimed to provide 13 million TL-worth support to job seekers.

Announced its new brand motto, "Together we can” nearly a month ago, Vodafone aims to help individuals who lost their jobs for a while or completely in the pandemic to rejoin the workforce by taking advantage of the convenience of the digital world, with its first initiative “We are together in this business” platform created in this direction. Supported by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and Habitat Association in Turkey, the platform is implemented simultaneously in 13 Vodafone countries, including Turkey. It will offer access to personal training and talent programs for those who are looking for a job. With the "We Are Together in This Business" platform, it is aimed to provide 13 million TL-worth support to job seekers.

Vodafone's "We Are Together in This Business" platform consists of We Are Together in This Business Next Generation Skill Development Program, Future Jobs platform, and Udemy training pieces. The program was introduced via an online meeting held with the participation of UNDP Turkey Resident Representative Sukhrob Khojimatov, Habitat Association President Sezai Hazır and Vodafone Turkey CBU Director Meltem Bakiler Şahin.

Sukhrob Khojimatov, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Turkey, stated:

“As the destructive effect of the Covid-19 epidemic accelerates, all layers of society in all countries are harshly affected, and the youth suffer the most in this circumstance. The young generation's access to education, social support instruments, and employment opportunities has been seriously affected. Access of young men and young women to high-quality jobs has drastically declined. Moreover, as the young population does not have sufficient income and savings to ensure the sustainability of their livelihoods, they are greatly affected by poverty and inequality resulting from the pandemic. Within the framework of the states' efforts for recovery after the epidemic, we need to focus on youth who are neither in employment nor in education. As UNDP Turkey, we would like to thank our esteemed partners Vodafone and Habitat Association for agreeing with us on the complexity and urgency of these challenges and signing this cooperation to overcome them together.”

Sezai Hazır, President of Habitat Association, mentioned:

“As Habitat Association, we are very excited to implement the ‘We are together in this business’ project with UNDP and Vodafone to support individuals affected by the harmful effects of the pandemic period. At Habitat Association, we attach great importance to the 21st-century skills of individuals, primarily digital transformation-oriented skills. A new world is emerging where technology develops rapidly and gradually occupies more space in our lives. In this new world, it is indispensable for individuals to have new-generation competencies to have better career opportunities and adopt the requirements of the time. However, we know that people who adapt quickly to new things in the changing world will be the winners. It will make us eternally happy if we, together with our valuable project partners, can provide our individuals with new competencies required by digitalization and reduce the negative impacts of the pandemic period."

Stating that the pandemic demonstrated more clearly than ever how important the role of technology was to connect everyone from individuals to businesses, Vodafone Turkey CBU Director Meltem Bakiler Şahin said:

“As a target-oriented company, we believe that technology can only make sense with people, and life can be improved when the power of technology is combined with the power of the human spirit. In our new brand positioning, we emphasize that a better future is possible with the power arising from the unity of technology and people, and we say ‘Together we can.’ The first step we took in this direction is the ‘We are together in this business’ platform. One of the groups most affected by the pandemic period is those who have lost their jobs or are in the jobseeking process due to worsening economic conditions. According to TURKSTAT data, the number of unemployed people aged 15 and over in Turkey hit 4 million 236 thousand in February 2021. The unemployment rate was recorded at 13.4 percent. We believe that being connected with the digital world plays an important role in job search and self-development. With this in mind, we took action to ensure that those who lost their jobs in the pandemic do not fall behind the digital society. With the ‘We are together in this business’ platform, our aim is to facilitate the access of individuals who have lost their jobs for a while or completely in the pandemic to the digital world and to ensure they benefit from all the advantages of digitalization. We want to support them in this challenging period and make them feel that we stand by them. We believe that it is everyone's right to be a part of the digital society, and everyone should benefit from the equal opportunity provided by digitalization. At Vodafone, we will continue to work to carry our society to a better future by getting strength from technology-human cooperation.”

New-generation skills training for 1,000 people

Under the “We Are Together in This Business” platform, implemented in cooperation with UNDP and Habitat Association, the We Are Together in This Business New Generation Skills Development Program will provide online training to jobseekers on Brief History of Digital Transformation, Digital Security and Privacy, Digital Content Production, Digital Assets of Businesses, Professional LinkedIn Use, Career Planning, CV Preparation, and Job Interview Simulation. Applications will be received through the "We are together in this business" platform. It is aimed to reach 1,000 people with this certificate program after 12 training pieces will be held in the 6-month execution period.

Opportunity to determine the talent profile in 8 minutes

Launched by Vodafone in 2018, the Future Jobs platform offers an 8-minute online survey. With this survey, Vodafone determines the talent profiles of individuals, then directs them to the most suitable open positions. People can view and apply to the job opportunities that best fit their profiles. If they cannot find a suitable job opportunity at the first attempt, they can increase the accuracy of the career offerings by doing a few more tests. There is also a tab on the platform where they can see their skills and strengths. The Future Jobs platform has helped more than half a million people globally to date.

More than 600 free training pieces

With Udemy training opportinity offered under the Future Jobs platform, people can develop themselves and seize new job opportunities. Vodafone directs those who cannot find a career opportunity as they wish, to free Udemy training programs suitable for their talent profiles for improving their personal development. More than 600 training pieces, including web design, 3D modeling, personal development, and productivity, are offered asynchronously within the scope of the global Udemy collaboration.

Click https://www.vodafone.com.tr/Kampanyalar/bu-iste-birlikteyiz-platformu/ to access Vodafone's "We are together in this business" platform.