Model Factory’s support yields high productivity gains for businesses in Kayseri

April 14, 2023

Kayseri Model Factory Learn & Transform Programme helped 65 businesses in Kayseri increase their production by 52 percent and reduce their waste by 38 percent in average.

Kayseri Model Factory’s programme on increasing productivity levels of businesses using lean production methods results in significant increase in production and decrease in waste 

Under the joint “Model Factory” initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology on increasing productivity levels of businesses in the manufacturing sector in Türkiye, 65 businesses in Kayseri increased their production by 52 percent and reduced their waste by 38 percent in average.

Aiming to support economic growth and improved welfare, Model Factories work towards enhancing businesses’ competitiveness by strengthening their infrastructure and core capabilities on lean manufacturing and digital transformation. 

Kayseri Model Factory, which has recently completed its third run of the Learn & Transform Programme, announced its results at an event on 17 January 2023. Participants from public institutions and private sector had a chance to learn about both the positive impacts of the programme for businesses in many aspects and the experiences of the companies. 

According to the data retrieved from 65 companies who benefitted from the programme in Kayseri Model Factory, there has been an increase in production up to 187 percent, and in capacity up to 41 percent. 

The decrease in the need for over-time was up to 100 percent, while the time needed for production decreased again by up to 100 percent. The companies were also able to save space with the new arrangements in their facilities and decrease waste by up to 60 percent. 

The companies also expressed the significant amount of increase in their total earnings per annum without a new investment. The results also showed that the programme supports continuous improvement and transformation comes with an increase in capabilities.

Learn & Transform Programme is one of the most in-demand programmes of Model Factories. The long-term training and consultancy programme, which is designed to adapt lean production philosophy to the working principles of companies in the manufacturing sector, aims to maximize productivity and minimize waste in their production. 

Model Factories, which are also known as Applied SME Capability Centers, provide services to businesses in 8 provinces to increase their productivity as part of the core strategies of Türkiye’s National Development Plan, and also in line with Türkiye’s progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

More success stories of Model Factories in other provinces continue to build up, making the centers not only a flagship initiative supporting productivity but also an example of good practices for other countries.