As Model Factories become widespread throughout Türkiye, their trainer pool expands

October 26, 2022

A Model Factory Training of Trainers Programme was organized between March-August 2022 in order to raise qualified trainers for the Model Factories serving in 8 provinces of Türkiye.

While the number of Model Factories, which became the address of efficiency-oriented solutions in Türkiye's manufacturing industry increases, 228 new candidates have joined the pool of experts to be employed in these centers

The Ministry of Industry and Technology, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE jointly organized a Model Factory Training of Trainers Programme between March-August 2022 in order to raise qualified trainers for the Model Factories serving in 8 provinces of Türkiye.

Aiming to increase the competitiveness of manufacturing industry companies with the training and consultancy services they offer, the trainers working at Model Factories conduct one-on-one interviews with enterprises, identify waste and related problems in production processes, and then offer theoretical and practical solutions to make these processes more efficient. 

Designed to meet the increasing demand in this field, the programme was successfully completed by 228 participants selected among 8,722 candidates who applied for the programme in January. Among the participants, 62 of them had a PhD degree, while 78 had a master's and 88 had a bachelor's degree. 104 of them were graduates of industrial engineering departments.

In addition to subjects such as business processes, total quality management, efficiency, waste, problem-solving, quality and lean philosophy, the experts received training and participated in various workshops on topics such as the 5S technique developed with the aim of improving working conditions in terms of performance, comfort, safety and cleanliness; and the Kaizen concept, which refers to the improvement of processes in order to increase customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

In the Training of Trainers Programme where Model Factories and the Learn and Transform Programme were introduced, formation and experiential training were also provided. In addition to a total of 40 hours face-to-face and 70 hours online training, company visits and case studies were also held. The training was based on lean philosophy and technical issues related to lean production, which is an approach in which production enterprises get rid of waste and shorten the flow time with the participation of all their employees, and aim for excellence with high quality and profitability by organizing all production resources according to customer demand.

Candidates who are included in the pool of expert trainers are mostly engineers, industry experts, consultants or academics who conduct research and give training in this field. They will be able to work full or part-time in Model Factories. The programme was organized to meet the needs of 7 new Model Factories planned to be opened in the future.

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