From Legal Consultant to Development Practitioner: Kasinee Wongsang's Journey as a 'Programme Associate' with UNDP Thailand

Faces of UNDP Thailand - Catalysts of Change: Advancing Gender Equality Through Empowerment

June 10, 2024

1. Tell us about yourself: What’s your educational background/professional experience? 

I graduated from Kasetsart University with a Tourism Management degree. Before joining the UNDP Thailand, I worked with a small legal consultant firm for 13 years.

2. What made you apply to work with UNDP Thailand?

I always wanted to work with a nonprofit international organization. UNDP Thailand had an opening for a position I thought I would probably fit in, so I went for it.  

3. What are your activities or main responsibilities? What is a day at the office like?

My primary role involves overseeing project quality assurance and compliance, while also addressing any issues related to the system and program. A typical day at the office varies depending on the dashboard's status—whether it shows red, orange, or green indicators. When the dashboard is red, it turns into a hot issue. My life that day will be spent on solving the issue. The dashboard might not immediately turn into a green but at least we are trying.  


Photo Courtesy: UNDP Thailand

4. What are some of the challenges you encountered while working at UNDP Thailand? How did you overcome it?   

Lately, I've faced challenges such as the change of operation platforms and the rapid influx of tasks, which can be overwhelming. To overcome these challenges, I prioritized tasks diligently and engaged in collaborative problem-solving with my colleagues to resolve system issues effectively.

5. Tell us about your favourite moment with UNDP Thailand. 

Among the many cherished memories, one that stands out is to join my colleagues on a mission to the Southern Border Province – Yala. UNDP Thailand made this journey possible, opening my eyes to a place I wouldn't have considered visiting otherwise. Witnessing the daily routines and interacting with the local community was truly enlightening.

6. How does this position benefit your career path/choices within the UN or beyond?  

Joining this role has been a game-changer for me, marking a significant shift in my career trajectory from the private sector to the United Nations. I'm optimistic that the skills and insights acquired here will pave the way for exciting prospects in the days ahead.


Photo Courtesy: UNDP Thailand

7. What SDGs are you helping to implement through your position?   

In my current position, I find myself drawn to SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities), SDG 15 (Life on Land), and SDG 17 (Partnership for the Goals). When proposing project ideas, our program emphasizes the importance of integrating elements related to these goals. While all SDGs are significant, SDG 10 and SDG 15 resonate deeply as they address issues that affect our daily lives. I see SDG 17 as essential because collaboration and collective action are vital for achieving meaningful progress.

8. As UNDP staff, how do you support gender equality through your role or the work you are currently working on?

As a Programme Associate, I provide support to our Gender Advisor to mainstream gender equality and social inclusion in UNDP Thailand's work. Together, we organize a range of engaging activities, including workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, aimed at raising awareness and challenging entrenched gender stereotypes, stigma, and discrimination. Through these initiatives, we foster constructive dialogue and understanding within communities, contributing to the creation of a more inclusive society where everyone, regardless of gender or background, has equal opportunities to thrive.

9. What piece of advice would you give to those who are considering applying to #JoinALifeChangingMission with UNDP?  

Please don’t think twice about it. Just join. It will certainly change your life for the better. 

10. Give us 3 words that describe UNDP Thailand

Inclusivity, Integration, Unity 


The Faces of UNDP Thailand is a series to echo the voice of UNDP staff who support UNDP and the community to advance the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“The opportunity to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion”
Kasinee Wongsang - Programme Assocaite