Digital Readiness Assessment Suriname

Digital Readiness Assesment Suriname

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Digital Readiness Assessment Suriname

December 9, 2022

The results of this Digital Readiness Assessment comes at a time when Suriname and the rest of the world are facing a period of recovery from the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Over the past two years the world moved from the every-day world of in-person schooling, shopping, meetings and entertainment to a virtual, online way of life.  While this has been easy and productive for some persons and for some sectors, it has been very challenging for others.

With the expertise of the UNDP Digital Transformation Team, UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development and UNDPs Accelerator Lab, the UNDP Suriname Country Office worked closely with the E-Gov Office in rolling out a survey to assess the current digital capacity and digital needs with analyses that will seek to inform the Government on the next steps to take to enhance Digital Literacy, to improve Digital Access and to increase Digital Inclusion.  The E-Gov Office engaged the private sector through the telecommunications companies to get the message out via SMS text messages which enabled a broad participatory process from the public. 

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