UNDP Deputy Director for Regional Bureau for Arab States on a 4-day visit to Sudan

November 14, 2022


Ms. Sarah Poole, Assistant Administrator and Deputy Regional Director for Arab States, UNDP will conduct a 4-day official visit to Sudan from 14-17 November 2022 where she will meet with key counterparts and partners, including private sector and civil society representatives to discuss UNDP's work and contribution to the country's development priorities and prospects, including within the overall integrated UN Approach.

Ms. Poole’s program also includes a field visit to White Nile State where UNDP’s Integrated Community Stabilization Programme (ICSP) has several projects including rehabilitation of irrigation channels, water pumps, and solar interventions which are actively improving livelihoods, food security, enhancing coexistence and overall community resilience.

UNDP has been operational in Sudan since 1965, supporting millions of people in need, including local communities, internally displaced persons, refugees, returnees, migrants, women, and youth.

Guided by the vision of Sudan’s most relevant priorities, and with dedicated assistance from the international community and national partners, UNDP’s work currently focuses on supporting those left behind in key areas of development. This is done in alignment with the rest of the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Lameese Badr

Head of Communications

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Ms. Sarah Poole is a development professional with more than 25 years of experience working in field and headquarters assignments engaged with Africa, Europe and the CIS, and the Arab States. Since 1999, she has served in several leadership position in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), most recently as the Regional Director a.i. for Arab States.


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