Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment (DINA) Executive Summary


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Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment (DINA) Executive Summary

December 12, 2017

The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) requested a Drought Impact and Needs Assessment (DINA) and subsequent Resilience and Recovery Framework (RRF) in August 2017 to identify the root causes of recurrent drought and develop a strategy for medium-term recovery and long-term resilience. The DINA has benefitted from the leadership of the FGS and the active engagement of the Federal Member States (FMS), ensuring Government ownership at multiple levels and recovery strategies that will reflect the priorities of the Somali Government and the needs of the Somali people. The DINA further underlines the ability of Somalia’s federal and state governments to work together to address the recovery and resilience needs of the people. This consolidated leadership will continue to guide the evolving RRF process. The DINA and RRF align with the HRP, NDP and the National Disaster Management Policy.

Key Findings of the DINA:

With damages amounting to USD 1.02 billion, and losses estimated at USD 2.23 billion, the total effect of the drought in Somalia is expected to exceed USD 3.25 billion.2 Total recovery needs are estimated at USD 1.77 billion.3 Agriculture (irrigated and rain-fed crops) and urban development and municipal services are the most affected sectors, representing 28% and 17% of total needs, respectively.

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