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LTP Group is a company producing high-end garments as well as furniture.

The company is a production partner for several famous brands in the sports and outdoor industry such as Peak Performance and KJUS. Much of its success comes from being one of the first Danish companies to identify the potential advantages of outsourcing.

LTP Group provides production of high-end clothing, functional garments and furniture brands. LTP Group consists of the two divisions; LTP Garment and LTP Contract Furniture. LTP Group is Danish-owned, but with the operational management located in Lithuania, where most of the management is located - this includes the decision on how to find more production capacity in Europe. Today, LTP is one of the largest manufacturers of functional garments in Europe, and in front with the latest production technologies, e.g. ultrasonic, taping/bonding, laser cutting.

In SDG Accelerator, LTP Group wants to leverage its strong position to actively shape the industry and create awareness and transparency around how and under what conditions garments are produced. This includes promoting better wage systems and improving the labour conditions of sewers. In SDG Accelerator, LTP Group addresses SDG1 – No poverty and SDG12 – Responsible consumption and production.

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factory with blue floor
Photo: LTP Group


LTP Group is expanding, looking to identify good production sites in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Founded 1994

LTP Group is owned by a small group of shareholders, including the CEO.

1300 employees

LTP Group employs over 1300 people on a global scale.