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Let's grow together

Aller Aqua

Aller Aqua produces fish feed for freshwater and saltwater aquaculture. The company is family-owned and have produced fish feed for more than 50 years. This makes them one of the most experienced producers in the world.

Aller Aqua has factories in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Egypt, Zambia, and China, and export to more than 60 countries worldwide. Their range of products is broad and professional, and consists of feed for around 30 species of fish in all stages of life. Aller Aqua began producing fish feed in 1963, and has since 2006 focused exclusively on fish feed. Aller Aqua focuses on close cooperation with customers to enable them to achieve the biggest possible yield from their fish farm. This is done in line with the company’s “Let’s grow together” approach, which is implemented in all areas of the company.

“Growing together with our customers is an integrated part of our company philosophy. Together we can grow, and we need to grow in a smart, efficient, and responsible way. Our business model is based on global insight, local presence, flexibility, and customer focused product innovation. This requires a high degree of openness and knowledge sharing. Together we can master greater challenges than what we can on an individual basis. Working together will balance and sustain the common value chain, improve operational efficiency, and increase profitability.”

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Photo: Aller Aqua

In addition to focusing on sustainability in aquaculture as well as fish feed production, Aller Aqua has a strong focus on their contribution to the local communities. This includes local investment and employment, and sourcing of local raw materials. The Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) has co-invested in several Aller Aqua projects.

With their participation in the SDG Accelerator, Aller Aqua hopes to develop a solution to provide fish farmers in resource poor areas with knowledge and education, which will enable them to increase their yield and expand their business for the benefits of themselves, their families, and the community.

Aller Aqua addresses SDG2 – Zero hunger; SDG8 – Decent work and economic growth; SDG13 – Climate action; and SDG14 – Life below water.

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350 employees

Globally, Aller Aqua employs around 350 people.

60+ markets

Aller Aqua's products are available in over 60 different markets.

Global in size

Aller Aqua has factories in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Zambia, Egypt, and China.


Aller Aqua is family-owned since 1912. Currently the 4th generation runs the company.

3rd largest

Aller Aqua is the 3rd largest fish producer in the EU.

Research center

Aller Aqua has their own research center in Büsum, Germany.