Enhancing integrated sustainable management to safeguard Samoa's natural resources


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Enhancing integrated sustainable management to safeguard Samoa's natural resources

July 14, 2022

The strengthening of a Human Rights based approach to land use and resource management is central to the objective of the project which is focused on ensuring integrated approaches to prevention and management of invasive alien species and land use management that are sustainable, and thus in design must respect and support the human rights of those both on the land and those affected by its use. The project seeks to pilot a community-based catchment framework to safeguard indigenous species, natural ecosystems and food production systems from invasive alien species in Samoa. It will be designed to strengthen national capacities to address these negative impacts while improving biodiversity, food security and sustainable development. The long-term solution proposed by the project is to ensure that management is integrated and applied within a holistic framework. The project seeks to achieve this solution using a catchment approach, for which the building blocks are already in place – a comprehensive set of Community Integrated Management (CIM) Plans, to which district authorities and communities have signed up. Interventions will use the CIM Plans platform at the community level to prevent and manage IAS through sustainable land management practices and biodiversity conservation in targeted catchments to ensure that targeted communities can fully enjoy their human rights, including their right to a healthy environment.

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