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Youth4Climate (Y4C) is a global initiative co-led by the Government of Italy and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and co-shaped with youth and other strategic partners.

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Youth4Climate (Y4C) supports the implementation of youth-led and youth-inclusive solutions to environmental and climate challenges, both financially and through capacity development, for a more innovative and inclusive impact on the ground.

It brings together existing and new online and offline resources, tools, capacities, partnerships, networks, and movements designed by and for youth, with a strong focus on the implementation of solutions, for a more sustained impact on climate on the ground. It aims to foster an inclusive, safe and enabling environment for youth to lead and partner with other stakeholders on climate action.

The Youth4Climate initiative was launched in May 2022, co-led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Government of Italy, and it has its Secretariat at the UNDP Rome Centre for Climate Action and Energy Transition. Youth4Climate has a long strategic vision oriented to:

  • Build on the success, lessons learned and recommendations from the 2021 Youth4Climate Manifesto adopted at the first “Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition” Summit in Milan, convening an annual flagship event to recognise and support youth-led action on an international stage.

  • Support and boost youth-led and youth-inclusive climate action on the ground, by strengthening the identification and promotion of concrete and innovative youth-led solutions and by nurturing a vibrant ecosystem for youth in climate action at all levels.

  • Sustain meaningful and long-term engagement with and for youth, in the context of climate action, by making possible the generation and exchange of knowledge, opportunities, experiences, and resources in a new global virtual space.

The Y4C initiative aims to achieve its goals through its three components:


Y4C chronology


Videos: Y4C from 2021 till 2023


Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition 2021

Keynote remarks for the Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition  by the Executive Director of UNDP, Achim Steiner. 



Former Italian Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Roberto Cingolani's speech at Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition Summit 2021 in Milan. 



Youth4Climate: Powering Action 2022

Announcement of the Youth4Climate: Powering Action by the Executive Director of UNDP, Achim Steiner, and the former Italian Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani.



Youth4Climate: Sparking Solutions 2023 

The Youth4Climate: Sparking Solutions 2023 aimed to showcase and promote 100 innovative climate solutions led by youth from 63 different countries, selected from over 1,100 project proposals submitted in response to the Youth4Climate Call for Solutions. In this way, the event highlighted the importance of youth-led initiatives in addressing climate challenges.



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