Our team UNDP Rome Centre

UNDP Rome Center

Our team

Staff NameTeamTitle
Agostino InguscioUNDP Rome CentreCoordinator of the UNDP Rome Centre
Roxáni RoushasYouth4Climate Team Coordinator Youth4Climate
Duccio Maria TentiEnergy Team Policy Specialist on Energy and Climate Change
Cristina AltomareCross-cutting: Strategy and Communications​ TeamPolicy and Strategy Analyst 
Malak Chabar Cross-cutting: Strategy and Communications​ TeamCommunication & Project Analyst
Olle Bergdal ​MjengwaYouth4Climate TeamCommunity Management Specialist
Lidya BeyeneYouth4Climate TeamLearning & Partnership Specialist
Benyoh NsafonEnergy TeamEnergy & Climate Specialist
Alba Le CardinalEnergy TeamEnergy & Climate Policy Assistant 
Rohith SubramaniaEnergy TeamEnergy & Climate Consultant
Andrea Renzulli​Energy TeamEnergy & Climate Consultant
Mpho MatabogeEnergy TeamEnergy & Climate Consultant
Joseph Njuguna​Energy TeamEnergy & Climate Consultant
Shehu Khaleel​Energy TeamEnergy & Climate Consultant
Giacomo GallinaEnergy TeamEnergy & Climate Consultant
Zacharia MungaEnergy TeamEnergy & Climate Consultant
Deborah di NapoliOperations TeamTeam Assistant
Gulgun SahinOperations TeamOperations and Project Analyst
Elson DecolongonOperations TeamOperations Specialist
Philip HiladoOperations TeamProgramme Analyst
Ali SalamOperations TeamProcurement & Administrative Analyst