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UNDP Rome Centre for Climate Action and Energy Transition:


The UNDP Rome Centre for Climate Action and Energy Transition (UNDP Rome Centre for short), acts as the principal, integrated global platform for the strategic partnership between the Government of Italy (through the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security – IMEES) and UNDP for delivering on two main programmes: the Youth4Climate initiative (Y4C) and the Italy-UNDP Energy Partnership.​ It focuses on the critical policy areas of climate action, youth engagement, energy transition and climate finance.​

Through Y4C, the UNDP Rome Centre supports the implementation of youth-led and youth-inclusive solutions to environmental and climate challenges, both financially and through capacity development, for a more innovative and inclusive impact on the ground ​

Through the Italy-UNDP Energy Partnership, the UNDP Rome Centre identifies, finances and implements country-level actions that can contribute to reduce the current energy access gap and boost the energy transition, all while addressing the financing gap for clean energy initiatives.​

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The Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security - IMEES:  

In 2021, the Government of Italy hosted the first Youth4Climate Summit in Milan, as part of the Pre-COP, to provide young people, from all over the world, an unprecedented opportunity to put forward ideas, participate in debates and take actions on some of most pressing issues on the climate agenda. From Milan emerged a seminal Youth4Climate Manifesto: a bold plan for climate action with demands across four thematic areas (youth driving ambition, sustainable recovery, non-state actors’ engagement, and climate-conscious society). The Youth4Climate Manifesto provides clear guidance from young people on concrete ways forward for impactful climate action, which should be leveraged for more relevant and inclusive youth for climate programming.   

Having heard young people loud and clear, the Government of Italy in collaboration with UNDP hosted the second global Youth4Climate event in September 2022, with a strong focus on implementation and on young people powering climate action, in order to meet some of the key aspirations of young people, in particular by signaling enhanced support to youth-led and youth-inclusive solutions and initiatives for climate action and ambition to be implemented in collaboration with UNDP.  


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History of the Centre:

The Communique from the G7 Environment Ministers’ Summit in Bologna (June 2017) supported the proposal to establish an Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development (ACSD) in Rome. The Centre was inaugurated on 28 January 2019 following an agreement between the former Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) [now, Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security (IMEES)] and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). To face evolving global challenges and respond to a rapidly changing landscape, the initial concept has evolved into the UNDP Rome Centre for Climate Action and Energy Transition.