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B+HR Project

The global discourse on the responsibility of the business sector to uphold human rights has been rapidly growing in the last decade thanks to strong advocacy from civil society, investor interest, consumer pressure, and regulatory demands.

More and more forward-looking companies are responding to this call by adopting human rights policies, engaging in human rights due diligence (HRDD), and implementing operational-level grievance mechanisms. In doing so, they have turned to the standards contained in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), the most authoritative and widely adopted set of principles for responsible business, endorsed in 2011.

This is happening alongside a growing trend of leading economies giving effect to the UNGPs by adopting mandatory due diligence norms that require businesses to identify, prevent and mitigate the adverse impacts of their operations on people.

In the last three years, the Government of Japan has been at the forefront of this discourse in Asia. In 2020 it adopted a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights, and Guidelines on Respecting Human Rights in Responsible Supply Chains were launched in September 2022.

To support the growing interest of Japanese business actors to build their capacity in carrying out HRDD, and in support of more responsible global supply chains, UNDP has partnered with the Government of Japan to support the implementation of the UNGPs in Ghana, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lao PDR, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Viet Nam.


Our Approach

Preserving the competitiveness of Japanese companies by promoting human rights due diligence throughout their supply chains through the B+HR Academy.

Key activities:

  • Conduct context assessment studies on responsible business practices to map human rights risks that Japanese companies and their affiliates may face
  • Offer tailored human rights due diligence trainings for Japanese companies and their affiliates
  • Provide closed-door guidance and business advisory sessions for individual Japanese companies interested in an initial expert review on their readiness to implement human rights due diligence and/or human rights impact assessment

Visit the B+HR Academy page to learn more.


Advancing responsible business policies to level the playing field in countries where Japanese companies operate.

Key activities:

  • Advocate for the adoption or support the implementation of national action plans on business and human rights or similar policies
  • Provide technical support to develop preliminary baseline or landscape assessment on business and human rights
  • Facilitate stakeholder consultations and peer learning opportunities among States for the development of policy instruments

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