Why should businesses respect human rights?

Reflections from Mongolia on the long-term benefits for companies investing in human rights

June 27, 2023
Results of an interactive mind-mapping exercise on business and human rights in Mongolia

Drawing on "What are the benefits for respecting human rights in business?" from group activity of training participants

UNDP Mongolia

Respect for human rights is not just a moral obligation, but also a fundamental necessity for any business that seeks to operate in a just, inclusive, and sustainable environment. 

Businesses’ failure to respect and prioritize human rights in their operations could result in many adverse impacts on their employees, customers, and community. 

For instance, the near absence and lack of standard ramps has become a widespread human rights issue in Mongolia affecting various group of people including persons with disabilities despite the existence of building standards for construction companies. 

Businesses’ failure to pay their employees on time or not at all and injuries or even loss of lives caused by not complying with the proper safety standards are also serious violations of human rights. 

These are just some examples of how business operations could infringe on human rights or worse abuse it despite their critical roles and contribution to development of the country and creation of jobs.