Our Partners

The UNDP believes in the value and power of bringing together actors with different backgrounds and expertise to address complex challenges faced by the global and national development agendas. These development challenges require an unprecedented level of cooperation and collaboration among organizations to build a better and sustainable future for all. Therefore, the promotion of partnerships is essential for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and for meeting the UNDP’s new 2022-2026 programming cycle objectives.  

The UNDP works in partnership with the Mozambique national, provincial and municipal governments, UN agencies, civil society, cooperation agencies, the private sector, foundations, academia and the media to deliver the mentioned goals and objectives. These UNDP partners bring together essential complementarity knowledge, human and financial resources that jointly create the levers to deliver a systemic transformation. 

Our approach is to promote partnerships on a daily basis in all the programmes implemented by UNDP Mozambique. We rely on the continued strong collaboration with the Mozambique government and local authorities to build capacities and promote sustainability of all services delivered to the Mozambican people. 

UNDP Mozambique directly engages with civil society organizations (CSOs) to reach the most vulnerable people in need. Working with CSOs has a strategic impact on empowering representatives of the society to act as guardians of public goods, including holding government to account and ensuring the proper representation of civilians and the upholding of their rights, in particular those of the most vulnerable and excluded. 

We actively foster cooperation with academia and think tanks in order to establish forceful platforms to contribute to national development debates and other discussions on the challenges faced by the Mozambican society. 

To support the national government in building and strengthening capacities to tackle challenges with a holistic approach, UNDP Mozambique engages with other UN Agencies to offer resources, competencies and tried and tested solutions. 

The UNDP promotes south-south cooperation and explores synergies with neighboring countries to share knowledge and technology as a key development modality to accelerate progress toward national priority targets and the sustainable development goals. 

We build partnerships with the private sector as its involvement is critical for a nation’s lasting socioeconomic development. The private sector in one of the main actors to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as create jobs and income. Engaging with private enterprises is also a key opportunity to drive companies to be socially responsible. 

UNDP Mozambique collaborates with cooperation agencies (donors) because this is a fundamental pillar for any form of system change. Cooperation agencies directly contribute to achieving the goals of the national development agenda in an effective and accountable manner. The allocation of substantial resources to UNDP programmes strengthens the confidence of the Government of Mozambique and the international community in the UNDP’s role in delivering the country’s sustainable development agenda.