Poverty Reduction Strategy


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Poverty Reduction Strategy

11 de March de 2014

The Government of Angola, with a view to rapid and sustained poverty reduction, presents in this document its Poverty Reduction Strategy (ECP). This strategy defines a context of peace and following the objectives and priorities set out in the Government programs that advocate the need to promote a comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development.

The ECP comes as the Government's response to the problem of poverty, which is serious in Angola. Despite the progress made, in particular political and economic order, the level of human development is still very low.

The ECP is the reference framework for the definition of strategies and sectoral programs in the phase of post - conflict in Angola. The sectoral strategies and programs should therefore be adapted to the objectives of national reconstruction, economic stabilization and structural reform of public administration, with a view to reducing the incidence and depth of poverty.

However, ECP is an indicative instrument which should in turn be adjusted to specific local conditions, without the fundamental principles and values ​​underpinning should be thwarted.

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