Cultivating Change: Rubina Khatoon’s story of Resilience and Hope

June 21, 2024
Photo: Talha Usman/Islamic Relief Pakistan

Rubina Khatoon a mother of seven children, from the village Mehar, District Dadu located in South-West of Pakistan, once thrived as daily wage workers in the local fields. However, the devastating floods of 2022 swept through their village, destroying their home, crops, and assets, leaving them in a devastating situation. 

Faced with hunger and poverty, their main source of income submerged under floodwaters and they struggled to survive. In response, UNDP with generous support from the Government of Japan provided Rubina with an agricultural toolkit containing essential tools like shovels, hammers, and saws. This assistance enabled them to cultivate their lands and rebuild decent lives.

With renewed determination, Rubina and her family cleared the flood debris, prepared the land, and planted seeds for a hopeful future.

“I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Government of Japan and UNDP for their timely and valuable support in providing us with the agricultural toolkits. These tools are essential in helping us restore our affected land due to floods. With these kits, we can now work towards rebuilding our livelihoods and ensuring a sustainable future for our community.”
Rubina Khatoon, Khundi Village, Taluka Mehar District, Dadu-Sindh
Photo: Talha Usman/Islamic Relief Pakistan

Today, Rubina Khatoon and her family are on a path to recovery. As the harvest season approaches, they hope that, with the help of this initiative, their fields will once again be lush with crops, and their community will move towards recovery. With fields promising fertility and livelihood gradually being restored, their home is now filled with hope. The story showcases human resilience and the power of unity, made possible through community support, international partners like Japan, and UNDP. UNDP continues to provide support to flood-affected areas, ensuring sustainable, resilient, and inclusive recovery efforts in Sindh and Balochistan.


Story by: Anum Feroz
Partnerships, Communications & Advocacy Officer 
Flood Recovery Programme( FRP) 
UNDP Pakistan