Youth and Climate Change Perception Report

Youth & Climate Change Perception Report - ENGLISH

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Youth and Climate Change Perception Report

July 15, 2021

The main objective of the survey was to gauge the perception and knowledge regarding climate change among the youth of Pakistan. The survey aimed to collect information on a host of subject areas that were divided into five themes:

1. Climate Change knowledge

2. Climate Change vulnerability

3. Adaptation strategies

4. Regulatory knowledge

5. Climate advocacy

The results outlined show that there are marked differences in understanding of cohorts that belonged to rural or urban areas. Similarly, there exists differences in comprehension when results are disaggregated by gender. The survey also aimed to measure knowledge among the cohorts regarding the government regulatory framework currently in place and initiatives that the government had launched in order to promote the green economy or to provide financial support against those who had suffered due to climate change.

More so, the report also highlights key recommendations that might aid any government effort to improve the efficacy of targeting strategies employed. In addition to this, the report also provides recommendations to cover the other identified areas for improvement.