Devolution of Power: Pathways to Actualization

Devolution of Power: Pathways to Actualization

January 23, 2021

Deepening Democratic Governance

An integral part of the modern democratic system, the presence of local government aids in better knowledge and management of local issues through engagement with communities, and helps foster sustainable solutions for development.

Through local governance, delays in the delivery of municipal services is minimized. The presence of local government also ensures equitable distribution of resources, helps in mobilizing far more resources for development, gives the people a sense of ownership, ensures more responsiveness and increased accountability, and helps in strengthening national integration. This strengthened federalism and integration also aids in achieving national goals and agendas, specifically the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Since 1947, Pakistan has seen a variety of governance mechanisms including, centralized political leadership, military rule and democracy. However, despite all these forms and tiers of governance, and multiple efforts to streamline, there still remains an inequitable distribution of resources. This inequality can, in part, be addressed through the establishment of effective local government which will allow for increased participation of marginalized groups by providing them with easy access to decision making tiers.

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