Addressing climate security in the Marshall Islands: aeroponics gardens in Mejatto

January 13, 2023


Mejatto Island, in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, is heavily impacted by climate change as it faces annual dry seasons, frequent drought and consequent threats to the food and water security of its people.

Implemented by the UNDP-IOM Climate Security in the Pacific project on Mejatto’s communal garden land, the solar-run vertical aeroponic towers initiative will allow the community to grow short-term crops.

Aeroponics gardens have proven to increase crop yields while mitigating against the climate risks associated with soil-based farming, such as erratic rainfall and saltwater inundation during climate-related disasters.

The initiative, easily replicable in more island communities, will not only improve food security, but also prevent conflicts linked to the scarcity of food due to the adverse impacts of climate change. At the same time, building the community capacity to identify climate change related conflict and prepare mitigative behaviors.