Catching the last wave with Paulo Baleinakorodawa

January 11, 2023

Our guest for this episode of Catching the last wave is Paulo Baleinakorodawa, a peace practitioner and educator who has worked in peacebuilding for more than 20 years in Fiji, the Pacific region, and internationally.

He is currently Transcend Oceania Programs Director, and his role includes program designs, implementation and monitoring, evaluation and learning for the organization. Paulo champions work in peacebuilding education and training, masculinity and non-violence, climate change, conflict and peacebuilding, trauma awareness and healing and he is also a mediator and facilitator in situations of social conflicts and injustices. He is a co-founder of Transcend Oceania, a non-Government peacebuilding and human development organization working in Fiji and the Pacific.

Transcend Oceania, in partnership with other peacebuilding stakeholders, is currently working in communities in Fiji affected by the impact of climate change focusing particularly on the social impacts of climate change.

In this episode, we will hear from Paulo about the social dimensions, mediation, and conflict resolution related to climate change.