Catching the last wave with Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls

December 8, 2022

Our guest for this episode of Catching the last wave is Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls, a well-renown Pacific Island feminist working on the nexus between peace, development, and climate change.

Sharon is the Pacific Regional Representative of Shifting the Power Coalition, an alliance of 14 diverse Pacific women-led organizations which works to create feminist solutions for climate justice. She also acts as the Regional Representative of GPPAC (Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict). 

Sharon has more than 30 years of experience in women's movements, as well as supporting and contributing to the progress of the feminist peace and security agenda. Among other things, she led the development of a feminist media network through innovative actions which allowed for women’s participation and leadership in all levels of decision-making

In this episode, we will hear from Sharon about the gender equality perspective on climate change and security, with a focus on the inclusion and empowerment of women and girls in climate actions.