Tackling digital business support for SMEs in North Macedonia

September 7, 2023


The Covid-19 pandemic, followed by the global energy crises, was a period to test new models and procedures to respond to the needs of the employers, especially small and medium sized employers. In that regard, in partnership with the Ministry of labor and social policy, UNDP North Macedonia in 2020 developed and introduced the online digital platform www.bizz4all.mk

The platform, as “first aid” for SMEs in the times of crises, serves as a free of charge mentorship and counselling service for small and medium businesses infected by negative economic impact by various factors. 


Around 70 experienced mentors from the business community with different professional experience (export/import, product development, digital marketing…) are setting the course for further business positioning offering support in several areas, such as improving the company’s productiveness, effective human resource management, support for introduction of new and innovative practices, develop a new marketing strategy, support for access to funding, etc. 

“The www.bizz4all.mk platform came to the rightest time. As a small business from a small town, we were kicked hard by the Covid, and then by the global energy crises. We did not know where to ask for assistance, so the free mentorship support was an excellent way to overcome some complex crises periods. The business mentor helped us in mapping the additional sources of financing… so it is better now. Looking forward to some new ways of support through platform.” – says a local florist from Prilep. 


The features on the platform present an open source for more in-depth knowledge sharing, learning an insight as well on up to date and relevant information with a special focus on available sources of support by different entities. 

The success of the process is ensured by monitoring of the business counselors by setting targets and success indicators, set targets t for promotion, sales, employment, conquering new markets, making new partnerships, secured funding, etc as well as by monitoring the indicators by the company, the counselors and UNDP staff for a set time of 6 months and one year.  


The product was initiated by UNDP North Macedonia with the support of the Government and the Ministry of labor and social policy.