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Who are the decision makers?

The Resident Representative has full responsibility and ultimate authority on behalf of the UNDP Administrator, for the UNDP programme in all its aspects in the country.

The Resident Representative maintains liaison on behalf of the Programme with the appropriate organs of the Government, including the Government’s co-ordinating agency for external assistance, and informs the Government of the policies, criteria and procedures of the UNDP and other relevant programmes of the United Nations.

The Resident Representative assists the Government, as may be required, in the preparation of UNDP country programme and project requests, as well as proposals for country programme or project changes, assure proper co-ordination of all assistance rendered by the UNDP through various Executing Agencies or its own consultants, assist the Government, as may be required, in co-ordinating UNDP activities with national, bilateral and multilateral programmes within the country, and carry out such other functions as may be entrusted to him by the Administrator or by an Executing Agency.