Response to Covid-19: UNDP supports MEF with technological solution to monitor attendance and employee health

October 21, 2021

"We're satisfied. The system help us keep track of the calendar of our activities and servants no longer need to run from office to office to bring and take information regarding the Ministry’s workers. We feel there are mutual benefits, namely, the re-education of paper handling and loss of employee information while increasing efficiency and effectiveness in handling staff information”, cited Engineer Catija Abdula from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Engineer Catija Abdula, director of ICT area at the MEF. Photo: MEF

With a view to empower the Government following the implementation of the Strategic Plan for COVID-19 Reponse, UNDP hired Dimagi – a social company that offers open source software technology suitable for low-resource environments and underserved communities – to empower the Ministry of Economy and Finance, so that it has data access to base its decisions, allowing coordinated, intersectoral and organizational responses, while using information and communication technology to monitor the performance of subnational governments and central agencies within their domain.

The installation of the Commcare application at the Ministry of Economy and Finance is included in the UNDP's Strategic Plan for COVID-19 Response which supports the government in creating institutional mechanisms to mitigate the risks arising from the pandemic through the creation of connectivity, the citizens' involvement and in the strengthening of local response capacity.

Salomao Macuacua, Computer Technician at MEF. Photo: MEF

“With the Commcare application, the user can select the worker or family member who intends to link acquired information to the health service. Likewise, it can share reports on the performance of workers, such as the frequency of submitted forms, as well as the management of each user's location”, explained Salomao Macuacua, Computer Technician at MEF.

This system can communicate with other implemented systems and contains reports and dashboards that can be accessed both from mobile devices and a web platform and will serve as a data repository that will enable the MEF as well as its senior managers to better understand preparation, progress and problems at their different levels.

Neila Nhate, Computer Technician at MEF. Photo: MEF

“With the installation of the time book system and control of the health situation of our employees, we reduce the movement of paper information from employees and this helps speed up the search and circulation of important information about employees nationwide. We are working differently. Flexibility in moving processes is another”, highlighted Neila Nhate, IT technician at MEF.