UNDP Mozambique committed with the immediate stabilization and recovery of the Cabo Delgado Province

The United Nations Development Programme in Mozambique is continuously committed with the immediate stabilization and recovery of the Cabo Delgado Province under leadership of the national authorities. Recognized as a trusted partner of national, provincial, and local governments of Cabo Delgado, NGOs, CBOs, academia and the private sector, UNDP comes public to reiterate the core values of our support to the people of Mozambique.

March 4, 2024

UNDP's procurement procedures are grounded in the fundamental principles of fairness, integrity, transparency, and effective competition. In the context of the reconstruction tenders in Cabo Delgado, the primary objective is to expedite the recovery process of the districts most affected by the conflict. Contractor selection is meticulously conducted through competitive bidding processes, guaranteeing equitable treatment and transparency throughout. 

UNDP is committed to impartial decision-making based on technical proficiency and capacity, with the overarching goal of fostering effective reconstruction endeavors. Furthermore, all participants in the bidding process maintain eligibility to engage with UNDP's procurement team to seek updates on award decisions and reasons for non-selection. UNDP upholds transparency in its responses to inquiries from all parties involved, ensuring open communication channels throughout the procurement process.

UNDP recognizes the importance of involving local contractors in the reconstruction process. In order to simplify procedures for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), UNDP has provided support to alleviate financial burdens related to auditing, ensuring broader participation and reducing barriers for local business. For instance, UNDP Mozambique has conducted a series of workshops since last year, in different provinces, to support potential bidders in the process of submitting cases and participating in open tenders.

Nevertheless, there are core requirements that UNDP globally adopts in order to ensure that technical quality is met while lowest price is also secured. The list of the mandatory requirements on doing business with UNDP can be found online. It is important to highlight that these procedures are based in a large global experience of UNDP and the main goal is to guarantee the best service delivery to the countries we are working with. All projects face regularly and independent audit.

In conclusion, UNDP is committed to the timely payment of contractors for work completed. UNDP standard terms of payments occurs within 30 days from full receipt and acceptance of the works, goods or services with the following clearance of the team involved in the submitted invoice. Delays in payment may occur due to incompletion of one of the mentioned phases by the contractor, but UNDP is actively working with each of contractors to ensure support and that obstacles are surpassed. On UNDP side, efforts are made to expedite approvals and disbursements, ensuring that contractors receive payments promptly for their completed projects.