Sustainable transport infrastructure: Airports of Montenegro


For a small country whose economy heavily relies on tourism, investment in airport infrastructure is a precondition for boosting overall development. The aim of this project is to boost the capacities of Podgorica and Tivat Airports, in terms of expanding the space and installing modern equipment, ultimately providing comfortable and efficient servicing for the ever-growing number of passengers. For the first time since the establishment of the Airports of Montenegro, both airports exceeded record number of one million passengers annually, each. It became more than evident that urgent action was indispensable to improve and expand the existing facilities, to ensure that the country could properly cater for its visitors and citizens alike. In addition, the project will ensure that Montenegro's international accessibility is in line with international standards.

Consistent with the international regulations on airports, it is planned to set up an energy management system and to work on the airport carbon accreditation of the Tivat Airport. Reducing carbon and increasing airport sustainability will start with the mapping process - measurement of carbon footprint.


The objective of this project is to expand the facilities of Tivat and Podgorica airports, using the energy efficient materials, building and construction systems, as well as modern equipment. The aim is to create all the necessary preconditions for adequate servicing of the growing number of passengers, thus boosting the tourism and overall economic growth. From energy efficiency to carbon accreditation of airports, our goal is to help the country develop sustainable transport infrastructure and contribute to achievement of SDG 8, 9, 11 and 13. 


Project objectives will be achieved through implementation of four components:

1.      Preparation of Technical Documentation - preparation of the necessary inputs and technical documentation for spatial capacity expansion, in accordance with national legislation and international standards;

2.      Construction Management - construction of new temporary facilities, in order to expand the spatial capacities, equip and put the new terminal building into operation;

3.      Procurement of Equipment - procurement of security equipment and furnishing the new space, providing modern interior design and baggage-handling system;

4.      Establishment of energy management system and carbon accreditation of the Tivat Airport.


·         So far, all construction works have been completed, along with furnishing and equipping of the new terminal building at Tivat Airport, which meets all national and international standards of construction and civil aviation. The new terminal building at Tivat aiport was officially opened in December 2018. It is expected become fully operational as of early April 2019, as soon as the Agency for Civil Aviation gives the final approval to commence operating flights.

·         The process of carbon accreditation of Airport Tivat started in March 2019 and is expected that the first phase will be completed by May 2020.

·         In 2019 an expansion of spatial capacities of Podgorica Airport should also take place.