UNDP support the process of spending review in health sector to identify opportunities for rationalization

Posted May 19, 2022
Procurement Support Services to the Ministry of Health
UNDP Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is starting the process of spending review in health sector. The working group responsible for this exercise met today, 19 May 2022, in a first meeting. The initiative is supported by UNDP Moldova and the Slovak Ministry of Finance.

During the exercise, the public spending for the operation of the pre-hospital emergency medical care systems, primary health care, specialized outpatient medical care, community and home medical care will be examined and reviewed. Subsequently, measures to save the allocated budgetary resources are to be proposed, to achieve the medium-term budgetary-fiscal objectives.

"We are interested in the systematic control of public spending and identifying potential areas where we can save on low-priority, inefficient or ineffective spending. The exercise of rationalization of public expenditures is to be institutionalized and implemented by public authorities on regular basis. The government and the line ministries, including the Ministry of Health, will benefit from the expertise and solutions proposed during this exercise," said Ion Gumene, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Finance.

The exercise of rationalization of expenditures in the health sector will be completed by the end of 2022. Based on the results obtained, a roadmap will be developed for the implementation of the identified recommendations.

Public spending review is an effective tool to support the Government in efficient planning and allocation of financial resources for national development priorities and for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNDP support for increasing the efficiency of public finance management in Moldova is provided as part of a regional initiative that supports partner.

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