UNDP Moldova provided high-performance equipment for the development of IT skills of students from 17 schools

Posted January 24, 2022

500 students from 17 schools in Moldova may now discover new passions or improve their digital literacy skills. They have access to digital laboratories and high-performance IT equipment to develop their digital skills. In January, UNDP Moldova, in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Moldova and USAID Moldova, equipped 19 digital laboratories within 17 schools with 90 computers and 17 laptops with advanced technical specifications and a Microsoft license.

Digital laboratories are renovated spaces of at least 50 square meters, equipped with electronic devices and furniture necessary for interactive learning. In these dedicated spaces, students can take IT classes or use computers to do homework or develop practical skills, if they do not have an electronic device at home.

“High-performance computers have transformed students' learning experience. Studying graphic design has become much easier and more enjoyable for students, who no longer have to do their homework on their mobile phones,” says Maria Cotelea, mathematics and optional classes teacher of graphic design and web development at “Mihail Sadoveanu” high school in Călărași.

“We are lucky to have teachers who have worked so hard to bring such opportunities. We were thrilled when we saw the computer room and immediately went to try out the software that we have learned more about in theory than in practice until now,” notes Valeria Olaru, a student at “Mihail Sadoveanu” high school in Călărași. She says she wants to become a graphic designer, and what she learned now will be useful in the future.

The digital laboratories were equipped in schools from Găgăuzia region, Cantemir, Călărași, Cahul, Taraclia, Leova, Ungheni, Anenii Noi, Chișinău, Criuleni, Florești and Bălți.

In these digital labs, students can take the optional courses developed within the "Tekwill in Every School" network. The currently available courses include web and mobile application development, graphic design, programming, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and more. The initiative aims to transform education in the Republic of Moldova by introducing interactive digital content, new teaching methods, such as blended learning and to prepare students for the professions of the future. Currently, over 20,000 students from 234 schools are enrolled in optional courses.

Soon the network of digital laboratories will be extended to other schools. UNDP, with funds offered by the Government of Romania, will donate equipment to other digital laboratories.