The monumental vault of the Macri-Donici families, restored with the support of the European Union

August 16, 2022
Cavoul familiilor Macri-Donici, restaurată cu sprijinul Uniunii Europene

The conservation and restoration of the monumental vault of the Macri-Donici families are in full swing, thanks to the European Union's Confidence Building Measures Programme (EU-CBM), implemented by UNDP. The vault is one of the 10 cultural-historical sites from both banks of the Nistru river selected for restoration and conservation, under the cultural heritage component of the EU-CBM programme.

Located in the courtyard of the church “St. Archangel Michael” in Dubăsarii Vechi, the Macri-Donici family vault was designed by the architect Alexander Bernardazzi and made of marble and granite by the craftsman A. Tuzini from Odessa, between 1882-1883, which is confirmed by the architect's signature on one of the side walls of the vault.

The biggest challenge for the team involved in the restoration process is to preserve the authenticity of the monument and restore it to its former glory. During the restoration work two unknown tombs were discovered in the monument. One of them is believed to belong to Limonia Donici, the wife of Nicolae Donici. A team of archaeologists was called in to confirm and document the findings. To truthfully restore the two newly discovered tombs, an appeal for financial support will be launched.

“We are extremely happy. I cannot put it into words. We believed that these two tombs were destroyed between 1960 and 1961. We will try to mobilize financial solutions, so that the archaeological team can investigate to whom the two copper coffins belong. What has now been discovered is something unique for our country,” says Teodor Pelin, parish priest of the church “St. Archangel Michael” from Dubăsarii Vechi.

“I believe it is our duty to preserve such sites included in the country's architectural heritage, which are unique for the region. We would like all these attractions to be included in a tourist route so that people can come to Dubăsarii Vechi and spend at least one day exploring them,” says Vitalie Casian, mayor of Dubăsarii Vechi.

The Macri-Donici vault can be of interest to those who either want to discover the works of the architect Bernardazzi or who are interested in the life of the astronomer Nicolae Donici. In Dubăsarii Vechi there are several historical monuments listed in the state register: the church and the vault located in the same courtyard, the mansion where the astronomer Nicolae Donici lived and the grove of ancient oaks.