National response to COVID-19


As Moldova grapples with the evolving outbreak and its effects, our focus shifts to the growing development ramifications that cut across the economy, governance, and environment.

UNDP Moldova is supporting decision makers to look beyond the crisis towards recovery and 2030. Now is the opportunity to restart in a more thoughtful, environmental, and inclusive way.

UNDP Moldova is taking broad and fast action to support the government and communities, with an immediate focus on inclusive and multi-sectoral approach to crisis management and response and to assess impact of the crisis. 

Here are some of the ways we’re approaching recovery and shaping the path forward to maximize positive change for people and the planet.




The COVID-19 crisis has shown the critical importance of effective and responsive governance systems and institutions.

This area of work is more important than ever as the government (both at the central and local levels) comes under pressure to navigate crisis and uncertainty, deliver digitized services, enable access to information and social protection, and function in transparent, accountable and effective ways. Government and civil society will need to work together to advance social cohesion and gender equality while upholding human rights and the rule of law.

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Social protection



Economy of Moldova was caught unprepared to COVID-19 pandemic. The measures introduced to contain the spread of pandemic have had massive socio-economic impact and further deepened the pre-existing inequalities.

The global nature of the pandemic has impacted production networks, supply and value chains and substantially restricted activity in sectors such as agriculture, transport, tourism and hospitality, wholesale and retail trade and industry.

As an immediate response, UNDP has been supporting Moldova in providing the necessary information and personal protection supplies for the most vulnerable, including the elderly, minorities, and people with disabilities.

Now, we are exploring the magnitude of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on households, businesses and communities.

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Green economy



We have the opportunity for a more environmentally friendly, sustainable and resilient future. To do this, we need to invest in green jobs, not bail out polluting industries, end fossil fuel subsidies, and mainstream climate in all financial and policy decisions.

We are working with the government, local communities, civil society and the private sector to develop COVID-19 response and recovery plans that embrace renewable energy, sustainable business, green urban planning and nature-based jobs and livelihoods.

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Digital transformation



The digital transformation is already a reality in Moldova, as the country has begun to transfer legal, social and civil service delivery online. Accelerated digitalization can be expected to create new business models and opportunities for digital leapfrogging in traditional industries and governance.

We are working to help the country deliver services remotely, establish digital platforms for social services and e-commerce.

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As the pandemic hit, UNDP Moldova helped to immediately procure critical medical supplies like Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), ventilators, and thermometers, for health workers, police and the security sector, and citizens.

Besides the acute burden that COVID-19 places on the health system, many groups of the population are experiencing a lack of access to routine, essential health services due to the disruptive effects of shielding strategies, physical distancing and movement restrictions imposed as a COVID-19 response. Therefore, UNDP will engage with UN agencies and national partners to ensure an enabling environment for digitalization of healthcare, including telemedicine for essential health services.

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Gender equality



Evidence from past epidemics shows that gender-based inequalities determine how women´s and men’s health, economic equality, security and safety are affected during and after the crisis. Understanding the gender-differentiated impacts of disease outbreaks is fundamental to creating effective, equitable policies and interventions that leave no one behind.

Women in Moldova already face disproportionate challenges in terms of employment, which will only worsen with the pandemic.

Given the profoundly gendered impacts of the pandemic, it is imperative to ensure equal participation in COVID-19 response. It is critical that women policymakers – in government, parliament, civil society and other sectors – shape policy and decisions.

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Socio-economic impact of the pandemic crisis and recovery

UNDP is the socio-economic lead for the UN system on COVID-19 recovery and is implementing social and economic recovery strategies in countries across the world.

UNDP Moldova assessed socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 to support recovery of vulnerable groups and local businesses, drawing the way forward as part of an overall UN Socio-Economic Response.

With its presence on the ground on 2/3 of the territory and its partnerships with UN entities, development partners, private sector and business associations, UNDP Moldova is well positioned to conduct such an assessment using its inclusive development programming and capacities to use new types of data to build the needed evidence.

The assessment was prepared with national and international expertise, engaging members of the Task Force on Socio-economic Impact of COVID-19, led by UNDP on behalf of the UN Country Team, and in partnership with corporate citizens and business associations. The Task Force is comprised of UN entities and development partners and coordinated, and a synergetic approach is being ensured.

The conclusions and recommendations of socio-economic impact assessment were presented to the Government and to the public for consultations and will be used to develop post-COVID-19 recovery measures and programmes to safeguard the progress towards achieving the nationalized SDGs so far.

The National Bureau of Statistics, with support from UNDP and the World Bank, has included an additional module to the Household Budget Survey, dedicated to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Key Documents

United Nations Moldova COVID-19 Socio-Economic Response and Recovery Plan (developed by the UN Moldova with UNDP as technical lead on formulation and consolidation)    
Socio-economic impact assessment of COVID-19 in the Republic of Moldova (November 2020)    

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