Coral sample from a nursery in Seychelles

AF-funded Coral Restoration Project

Restoring Marine Ecosystem Services by Rehabilitating Coral Reefs to Meet a Changing Climate Future

Coral Reefs are the foundation of food security and coastal livelihoods in Mauritius and Seychelles. Reefs in the Western Indian Ocean have suffered from negative human-induced impacts, in addition to climate change associated coral bleaching which has caused extreme degradation.

The Adaptation Fund, through a grant of USD 9,132,420 is enabling:

  • The enhancement of food security and reduction of risks from natural disasters through the restoration of degraded reefs in Mauritius and Seychelles;
  • Knowledge management and sharing, training and sensitisation to build regional capacity for sustainable reef restorations;
  • The establishment of coral farming and nursery facilities.

A cost sharing agreement has also been signed with the Government of Mauritius for the setting up of land- based nurseries and seawater pumping system for asexual coral reproduction at the Mauritius Oceanographic Institute and land-based nurseries for sexual reproduction at Albion Fisheries Research Centre.

Partners in Mauritius:

  • Ministry of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping
  • Mauritius Oceanography Institute
  • Albion Fisheries Research Centre
  • Eco-Sud
  • Reef Conservation
  • Shoals Rodrigues

Partners in Seychelles

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment
  • Seychelles Parks and Garden Authority
  • Nature Seychelles
  • Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles

Download the project factsheet here.


• At least 3.2 Ha in Mauritius, 1 Ha in Rodrigues and 2.5 Ha in Seychelles of degraded sites restored using farmed corals.

• At least 800 persons with improved livelihoods from coral restoration activities and/or due to the improved coastal and marine ecosystems supported by the restored corals.

• At least 3 published papers on coral reef restoration, with contribution from at least 3 female scientists.

• Ocean nurseries set up in protected areas in Mauritius, Rodrigues and Seychelles using coral fragments.

• At least 10% increase in live coral cover, fish density and diversity in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

• At least one land-based nursery established and operational in Mauritius and one in Seychelles

Project Context

243 km2

of lagoon area in Mauritius enclosed by 150 km of fringing reef.


of live coral cover in Mauritius impacted the 2016 global coral bleaching event


of total coral reef area of Seychelles experienced high or extreme bleaching in the 2016 global coral bleaching event


reduction in global coral cover by 2100 if temperature rises by 1.1°C to 2.6°C