Moving to a Solar PV Power Generation in Mauritius, Rodrigues and the Outer Islands.

The project seeks to accelerate sustainable on-grid PV electricity generation in Mauritius by leveraging $ 17.5 million in private sector investment over its four-year implementation period. This, in turn, is expected to generate direct global benefits of almost 13,295 tons of CO2 over the same period and almost 5,318 tons CO2/yr thereafter in avoided greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. UNDP will support this by introducing a conducive regulatory framework that will facilitate private sector participation in supplying the national grid with PV-generated electricity at market-determined prices and assist the Government in closing private sector funded PV investments. It is envisaged that this project will enable Mauritius to meet (and maybe even surpass) its target of 2% of electricity generation from on-grid PV by 2025, as established in its “Long Term Energy Strategy 2009-2025”.