Ecosystem Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Seychelles

Ecosystem Based Adaptation is a project launched in 2014 which seeks to reduce the vulnerability of the Seychelles towards climate change, focusing on water scarcity and flooding. The project will reduce these vulnerabilities by incorporating ecosystem-based adaptation into the country’s climate change risk management system to safeguard water supplies, threatened by climate change induced perturbations in rainfall and to buffer expected enhanced erosion and coastal flooding risks arising as a result of higher sea levels and increased storm surge. This will help to ensure that development in the Seychelles is sustainable, and resilient to anticipated climate change effects.


1.     Ecosystem-based adaptation approach to enhancing freshwater security and flood control in Mahé and Praslin under conditions of climate change.

2.     Ecosystem-based adaptation approaches along the shorelines of the Granitic Islands reduce the risks of climate change induced coastal flooding

3.     Ecosystem based adaptation mainstreamed into development planning and financing

For more information, download the project factsheet.

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