Successful Completion of the UNDP-GEF-SGP "Empowering Coastal Communities Through Oyster Aquaculture" Project

May 22, 2023
Closing Ceremony of the Empowering Coastal Communities through Oyster Aquaculture

15 women from the North East coast of Mauritius participated in the 22-month capacity development project implemented by Ocean Connect at Petit Barachois, Poudre d'Or

NOC Studio


The official closing ceremony for the “Empowering Coastal Communities Through Native Oyster Aquaculture” project was held on May 18, following the successful completion of all project activities. Funded by the UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme in Mauritius, the project was implemented by the Ocean Connect NGO, with the aim of promoting food security and strengthening the livelihoods of 15 women whose incomes were impacted by the 2020 MV Wakashio oil spill.  



During the course of the project, the participants were introduced to 7 modules covering (1) the basics of native oyster aquaculture and its benefits; (2) site selection and preparation and water quality and monitoring; (3) oyster seed and spat collection; (4) oyster farming techniques; (5) harvesting and marketing of oysters; (6) business management and planning; and (7) sustainability and conservation in oyster aquaculture.



Aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Native Oyster Aquaculture project also contributes to enhancing social inclusion, gender equality and women empowerment, food security and economic growth at community level.