The Government of Seychelles Partners with the UNDP to Undertake a High-Level South-South Learning Mission to Singapore

This engagement will enable the country to leverage good practices on digital transformation and private sector engagement.

August 29, 2022
Digital Transformation


To support the Seychelles to implement its digital strategy, the Government of Seychelles has partnered with the UNDP to drive an enabling environment for digitalisation. One of the interventions at the heart of the UNDP’s digital transformation programme in the country is to strengthen national capacities and expand the knowledge base by learning from countries and institutions that have walked this journey.  As such, a high-level South-South mission to Singapore has been organised. This mission scheduled from 29 August to 3rd September 2022 is facilitated by the UNDP in Seychelles in partnership with the UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Development in Singapore.

This engagement builds on several strategic investments initiated within this partnership to support the building of a resilient economy.  These include a diagnostic assessment of mechanisms for empowering the Seychelles private sector to contribute to economic diversification; assessment of the country’s readiness for e-procurement system, accompanied by preparation of e-procurement strategy; the contribution to the establishment of infrastructure to facilitate remote working; and other business continuity processes.

The 14-person delegation includes Honourable Naadir Hassan (Mr), the Minister of Finance National Planning and Trade (head of delegation) and Honourable. Devika Vidot (Mrs), the Minister of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry. The ministers will be accompanied by technical staff from their ministries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Central Bank, the Chairperson of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (private sector), and three technical staff of UNDP Seychelles.

The decision to identify and leverage innovative and scalable practices for digital transformation and private sector development was motivated by the realisation that the ability of the country to quickly rebuild its economy and sustain livelihoods will depend on its capacity to catch up with advanced economies in digital transformation to build efficient, innovative, and agile public and private sectors.  

Leveraging South-South Learning Opportunities and Knowledge Exchange

According to the Honourable Naadir Hassan, the Minister of Finance National Planning and Trade, “Establishing and implementing a robust digital transformation strategy for Seychelles requires learning best practices from front-runners. Being an island nation, Singapore provides an important opportunity to enable us to discover our potential”.

Commenting on the mission, Ms. Amanda Serumaga, the UNDP Resident Representative for Mauritius noted: “On behalf of UNDP Senior Management, I would like to appreciate the Government of Seychelles for entrusting us to facilitate this learning mission. The presence of our knowledge hubs such as the UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Development in Singapore among others across the globe, positions us best to support the Government’s transformation agenda, leveraging our capacities at national level and our Global Policy network”.

Emphasising the centrality of the mission to private sector development, Honourable Devika Vidot, Minister of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry, looks forward to building partnerships that will facilitate private sector to propel the economy: “Attracting private capital in part, will require learning how successful countries such as Singapore are utilising the power of digitalisation to effectively create an enabling business environment for the private sector to thrive”. Among several engagements aimed at facilitating business, the Government of Seychelles is also partnering with the UNDP to prepare the country’s SDG Investor Map that will highlight investment opportunities to attract private capital.

Regular updates about the mission will be shared on our social media platforms. Stay tuned for more information.