UNDP in Mauritius

UNDP supports and supplements national efforts aimed at reducing poverty in all its forms, accelerating the transition to sustainable development, and making sure national institutions and communities are able to withstand crises and shocks.
We work to make sure the most vulnerable and excluded are not left behind, develop game changing solutions to accelerate sustainable development, and promote low-carbon consumption, and preparedness against climate-related crises and shocks.

Our Plan

UNDP in Mauritius is guided by the Country Programme Document for 2017-2020 and the Strategic Partnership Framework 2019-2023 which are in line with the Government Programme 2015-2019 and the Blueprint for Mauritius’ Vision 2030.
The three major focus areas of the Country Programme Document for 2017-2020 are :
- Inclusive growth
- Environment, climate change and biodiversity
- Renewable energy
And these cross-cutting areas are :
- Gender equality
- Youth empowerment
- Crises
Pillar 1 of the UNDP Country Programme 2017-2020 ,“ Inclusive development and public sector efficiency” will prioritize social protection, gender equality and public sector efficiency to support the implementation of ‘Vision 2030’ in achieving equitable growth and promote an inclusive society. Through Pillar 2 of the Country Programme, the office will support the implementation of low-carbon, climate-resilient strategies while ensuring employment and livelihoods opportunities for the poor and excluded.

The Country Programme’s thrust is to bring significant added value in high-level policy support with a focus on strengthening the capacities of national actors, systems and institutions through targeted policy interventions and translation of the SDGw at the national level, to accelerate sustained growth and safeguard development gains.