Livelihood assessment in Tawergha

Livelihood Assesment Report In Tawergha

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Livelihood assessment in Tawergha

September 30, 2023

As part of the Local Peacebuilding and Resilience Programme, UNDP supports national and
local institutions in encouraging the returnee population of Tawergha, who lost their assets
during a decade of displacement and re-displacement, by providing tools, equipment, or livestock. 

This assistance aims to help affected populations recover their livelihoods and promote reconciliation. It also includes business management training to impart the soft skills necessary for small and micro-business owners to launch and operate their businesses successfully.

As part of this initiative, a Rapid Livelihoods Assessment was conducted in November 2022 through the Norwegian Refugee Council, in partnership with the Ministry of Local Government and the Municipality of Tawergha. 

The objective was to gain a better understanding of the economic sectors in Tawergha that are experiencing demand and supply shortages. This information was crucial for identifying potential economic sectors for asset recovery initiatives within the city. 

The assessment also revealed potential ways to reduce negative coping strategies and restore the livelihoods of Tawergha’s returnee population.

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