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PROJECT OWNER: SIGOB - América Latina y El Caribe 

A dashboard is an information management tool that monitors, analyzes, and visually displays key indicators (KPIs), metrics, and fundamental data for decision-making. UNDP-SIGOB offers a dashboard design and development service customized to the needs of political and technical authorities of public institutions. The dashboards compile information that exists in different systems in a way that aids decision-making and allows for the updating of reports in real time. 


One example is the Integrity and Management Indicators Dashboard (DIG), which measures and evaluates administrative performance, promoting integrity and accountability. The DIG allows detailed monitoring of internal management through strategic, operational, and user indicators, facilitating informed decision-making in risk management and helping to strengthen people's trust in the institutions.  

The UNDP-SIGOB regional project offers IT and implementation services for the design and development of dashboards, including indicators, visualizations, interoperability with existing databases, and support to ensure the sustainability of the data platforms. 


This article was originally published at: https://documentacion.sigob.org/dashboard-de-indicadores-de-integridad-y-gestion-dig/ 

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