Law making process baseline study

Law making process in Lao PDR - A baseline study

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Law making process baseline study

December 18, 2015

This study is one of the first comprehensive studies to examine current practices in the law-making process in Lao PDR. It provides useful findings and recommendations on key aspects of the lawmaking process including responsibilities of law-drafters to provide the public access to draft legislation via online publication, organize public consultations, and develop explanatory notes and impact assessment reports.


  • An indication of the increasing significance the Lao authorities are placing on improving its written legal framework is its 2011-2015 plan for the National Assembly to adopt 47 new, and 45 amended, laws.
  • Lao P.D.R took another significant step in clarifying its legal framework with the adoption of the Law on Legislation (known as the “Law on Laws”) in 2012.
  • Important Reforms made by the Law on Laws: Transparency, Participation and Consultation, Impact Assessment and Systemization. The report suggests actions in three of these four areas.
  • Recent laws adopted by the National Assembly have followed a process that is both more transparent and open to greater participation than earlier laws. This is an encouraging trend, and has allowed for improved quality in the written legal framework.