Governance, peace, and social cohesion


As the United Nations entity with principal responsibility for governance and peacebuilding, UNDP strategic interventions embraces a whole-of government and whole-of-society approach, working with legislative, executive, and judicial institutions at national and county levels while leveraging the skills, capacities, networks, and resources of civil society, the private sector, media, academia, local community associations –particularly youth and women’s groups – to monitor, conduct oversight and raise awareness of the work.

To achieve transformative results in the areas of accountability and transparency, special attention is paid to promoting open government and rule of law; upholding human rights; strengthening public participation; enhancing planning and budgeting and strengthening partnerships with key oversight institutions at national and county levels.

UNDP is supporting non-state actors and rights-holders, contributing to transparency, accountability, access to justice, and the promotion and protection of human rights, particularly for people with disabilities, people living with HIV and other key populations.

To support transformational leadership and change, sustaining a revitalized social contract, UNDP is developing leadership capacities enabling state and non-state actors to scale up successful initiatives, innovate, and collaborate effectively to promote gender-equitable social norms free of stigma and discrimination.

To address vulnerability to violent conflict, driven by competition over natural resources, climate change, marginalization, violent extremism, ethnopolitical competition, poverty and inequality, UNDP, through its regional programmes and partners in the peace, conflict prevention and security sector, intervenes through gender-sensitized legal and policy dialogue and advocacy, institutional development and capacity development, peace innovation platforms and early warning response systems, including leveraging the UNDP African Borderlands Centre.

UNDP continues to support the strengthening of local democracy, local governance, and peace capacities, in line with the national policy on devolved functions and public service reforms to increase effectiveness accountability, inclusion, resilience, core government functions, and delivery of basic public services to meet citizen expectations.