Fashion industry and conscious consumption

June 9, 2021

Do you know who made your clothes?

Most mass-market garments are manufactured in Bangladesh, China, India, and Indonesia. Many workers in garment factories are paid less than the living wage and live on the brink of poverty. Moreover, most of them work in hazardous conditions for health and life.

What are your clothes made of?

The fashion industry ranks second in terms of water pollution, after the oil refining industry...

Most of the ocean pollution is made up of synthetic particles from discarded clothing.

When textiles are dyed, 72 percent of chemical dyes enter the wastewater.

Clothing production is the source of 10 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions. This exceeds all aviation emissions.

Today, 400 percent more clothing is produced globally than in 2000. Most of the time we wear only 20 percent of our clothes.

We want change for the planet and for the people.

And each of us can become a part of these changes.