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Rebuilding trust of citizens through more effective and accountable institutions, free of corruption

The UNDP’s focus in Kazakhstan involves supporting the “Listening State” concept to rebuild citizens’ trust in institutional reform. This includes enhancing public administration through digitalization, crisis readiness, and resilience, as well as implementing innovative anti-corruption measures.

The organization aims to encourage citizen engagement in budgetary spending and public procurement. Local self-governance takes center stage with inclusive and gender-sensitive approaches, along with efforts to strengthen local authorities’ capacities for integrity and citizen involvement.

Expanding engagement in judiciary and law enforcement reforms, as well as police modernization, is ongoing. The priority remains on the rule of law, including supporting commitments related to human rights and women’s empowerment.

To foster partnerships for the 2030 Agenda, UNDP supports integration of Sustainable Development Goal targets into national planning, identifying financing sources, and advocating for a comprehensive development finance strategy.

Additionally, Kazakhstan’s journey toward global participation is aided through various initiatives, including women’s empowerment and civil service excellence, while also elevating the country’s international profile in sustainable development and regional cooperation.